Where’s that damned remote?

So right about now you’re asking yourself: “Where’s that damned remote?”

There’s little satisfaction in my life; I rarely if ever get what I want. But when I complete a simple task – solve a problem, satisfaction is there; sparse mind you, but it’s there.

We got us a new garage door opener equipped with two remotes. Obviously one goes with the car; but what to do with the other? The old one was smaller and fit on a shelf, actually the ledge of the wainscotting by the kitchen door. This new one is bigger and would easily fall off, so the problem was, where to keep it? If I just left it out on a table or shelf or tucked it into a cabinet it’s a certainty it would get quickly lost in the clutter.

I decided to hang it in the back shed. I went to the hardware store to come up with an idea. I wanted it to be hang-in-place but also removable as per the clip designed to accommodate a car’s sun visor. I looked at some fancy cabinet handles but the were all bolt-through for drawers and doors. I brought home a chest handle. It’s a bit oversized for my purposes but I guess it will have to do.

I knew from experience the ideal place to put it – right next to the shed’s back window. From there I can observe the raising and lowering of the overhead door out in the garage (through a second garage window); even in the most inclement weather.

So the next time you find yourself asking: “Where’s that damned remote?”

It’s hanging in the shed, to the right of the back window.

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Age 70
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