Movie Words

“We don’t use those movie words in front of other people.”

True stories are the best kinds of stories.

This all came about in a matter of seconds:

Arguably the first word most children learn how to say is “No”. It’s just a matter of frequency. All eyes and hands, they get into about everything, and mom and pop, if they want to preserve their knickknacks and sanity or just keep their kid from harming himself are exhaustingly compelled to repeatedly say “No”.

“No! Don’t touch that!” “No! Don’t do that!” “No! Don’t go there!

A two-year-old learns about 5000 new words per year. So, in that time of life when a child struggles to formulate his own personal identity and independence from his parents he wields these newly discovered weapons with an alacrity and a willfulness bordering on full out rebellion.

Presumably, these parents were huge movie fans. And also presumably, they were from the “no spanking” school of parenting. Hence their frustration at controlling their kid.

He apparently picked up a whole quiver of nifty new words watching movies with his folks; e.g., the “F” Word; the “B” Word; and what appeared to be his personal favorite, the “C” Word.

I didn’t hear every word that he said but I did hear his folks admonish him repeatedly to not use those “movie words”. But he continued to wander about as a child does, tossing those words about to the point were it became abundantly clear (to me at least) that he was deliberately doing so just to get a rise out of his parents.

He’s the baby, gotta love ‘im.

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