I Will Never Forgive You

As I have pointed out elsewhere, feminism per se, an otherwise laughable, hysterical radical-fringe cult ideology, the Feminist Movement as promulgated by the commercial mass media, and especially Affirmative Action applied to (mostly) white women, was the Poison Pill inserted into the Civil Rights Bill and later concomitant legislation, litigation and government regulations.

This ideological poison is still circulating broadly through the intellectual, economic and cultural veins of the nation, killing, and wreaking havoc on millions of families in the land of unintended consequences. While the clear intent of the racist Poison Pill was to nullify the Civil Rights Movement, it subsequently tore apart millions of white families as well.

Affirmative Action is still on the books, embedded in the law and applied sporadically to certain token women. Glib politicians say: “I’m fighting for you”. Well then, show us your scars; show us your cuts and bruises. They say further: “I’m fighting for your families”. If that is so, why do you insist upon hiring only mothers instead of fathers?

What have I to do with you? I have never owned a slave and neither had my father nor his father before him. I have never been in a position to discriminate in the hiring or firing of anyone.

I will never forgive you for your Affirmative Action. I will denounce you before Almighty God. I will condemn you forever before Christ Jesus who said: “If no man condemns you – neither do I”. As I am a man, I am thus given the power to condemn you by Christ for Affirmative Action.

I will never forgive you.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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