A Bit of Motherly Advice

A good mother protects her children and admonishes them frequently about this and that, and all of those things that may be harmful to them. I will not list them here. But have you never heard the sage advice: “Beware the Friendly Stranger”?

Momma says: “Don’t take candy from a stranger” and “Don’t get in a car with a stranger”; and if such an attempt occurs you are to run away – you are to run home immediately and report it.

But in this day and age we all have televisions in our very own homes. Strangers alone with our children. Yes, they are friendly, but still they are strangers, and you know not their true intentions. While it all may have started innocuously enough – selling cars and refrigerators and maybe some food and drink; but over time things grew darker and meaner and downright dangerous. These strangers began manipulating our instincts and fears, playing with our desires and habits; all for their own profit and gain.

With the advent of the internet and cell phones these strangers know where you are at all times. They stalk your every movement, know your tastes and opinions, and want to know your every mood so as to be able to manipulate them – and not to your good.

Perhaps your mother was busy – too busy to tell you to “Beware the Friendly Stranger”; and you too, are too busy to pass on this bit of sage advice to your own children. It goes a long way in explaining why your own children are strangers to you.

Saying it but once will not drive home the point; and it’s obvious, since the media is still ever-present in your life, it never sunk in with you. Maybe your mother did in fact warn you; but did you listen? Maybe you warned your own children; but do they listen?

No matter how friendly they may seem to be, anyone ignorant enough to allow these strangers in their very own home and give them such ready access to their children deserves to be enslaved.

The media is your master.

“Beware the Friendly Stranger”

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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