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New Year’s Eve, 1976

It was more than 40 years ago; New Year’s Eve, 1976 to be exact, that I pulled a night shift as a volunteer operator with the Underground Switchboard. I got a call from a middle-aged man talking suicide. Contrary to … Continue reading

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Tupperware, The Last Word

I haven’t actually attended a Tupperware Party since childhood but I learn by observing. While it’s nice to share cookies and soups and leftovers and such with all your friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers there is a dark side to … Continue reading

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Let It Snow!

It is now Christmas Eve in the year of our lord, Jesus Christ, 2017. The decorations are up; the gifts, such as they are, are all wrapped. While some folks find snow messy and bothersome others ardently hope for a … Continue reading

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The Love Potion

Back in my cab driving days I was dispatched to a local hole-in-the-wall tap. It was a tiny Cowboys & Indians, mostly Indians, bar. I’d been there before long ago with some older gentlemen who preferred Country Music and cheap … Continue reading

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Winter Musings

All the trees are now bare of leaves. It’s gotten colder and very windy of late. I’m thinking I’ll have to hire a squirrel to get that noisy plastic shopping bag out of yonder tree.

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