Let It Snow!

It is now Christmas Eve in the year of our lord, Jesus Christ, 2017. The decorations are up; the gifts, such as they are, are all wrapped. While some folks find snow messy and bothersome others ardently hope for a white Christmas. A light snow is falling at present. You got your wish.

At a local restaurant decked out in symbols of the coming holiday was a sign on the wall stating simply: “Let It Snow”. I thought to myself: “What do you mean, Let It Snow? How am I supposed to stop it?” I mean, it’s not up to me now, is it?

I imagine Mother Nature sitting on a log on a cold and clear Winter’s day with a group of children gathered about her, all chanting in unison: Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! And Mother Nature at last, worn down by their incessant demand, acquiesces, causing gray clouds to roll in. The snowflakes gently begin to fall to the cheers of the children.

We humans, the whole world in fact, are awash in such linguistic and logical absurdities: Let It Snow, indeed! How you gonna stop it?

Merry Christmas to all, – and God bless you and yours.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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