The Career Politician

Career politicians are individuals who view holding an elected office as a regular job. They’re in it for the money, They’re in it for themselves and nothing else. The only problem they see is their desire for money, status, power and control. The only problem they see is in first getting elected and then reelected; over and over again; all else is someone else’s problem.

If ever you have the opportunity to speak with a political candidate or current office holder ask them just what the problem is and how they propose to fix it. You’ll likely get a very vague response.

Every year, and all year long really, billions of campaign dollars change hands on all levels of government to the exclusion of the poor so that the career politicians prostitute themselves to their major contributors; they become nothing more than mouthpieces for the already rich. Career politicians are sorely lacking in individuality and creativity.

See a problem; get in; solve the problem; get out.

That’s not how a career politician thinks. If their election/reelection is their only problem, the only problems beyond that they are willing to address are those issues that threaten their own position, that threaten their own reelection.

In theory (and only in theory) an elected official represents the best interests of the electorate of his particular district; meaning ALL of the people, eligible voters or not; whether or not they voted for him and whether or not they contributed money to his election campaign.

But a career politician assumes anyone who DOESN’T contribute to his campaign coffers to be the enemy (he cannot tell whether you voted for him or not unless you TELL him) and thus, always gives attentive, cooperative service only to his contributors; even if they are a numerical minority. Under such circumstance, even if there appears to be no direct bribery under the table it is still de facto quid pro quo.

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