I’ve Found My Happiness.

At last I have found my happiness. It’s just there, over yonder, just behind Death’s Door. Mortality precludes happiness. There is no happiness to be found; no peace, no safety; no tranquility; and certainly, no rest. Old Age, Sickness and Death is our ultimate Fate. And where is the happiness in that? On this side of Death’s Door all is pain and suffering, conflict and violence; ignorance and uncertainty day to day. When I die I’ll gladly be leaving all that behind me.

There are so many good things, positive things one can say about our passing through Death’s Door. No more taxes or rent, no more bills and the worries attendant to them. No more cold wind blowing in my face. No more fruitless toil. No more lies. Pain there may be in the process of dying but even that must come to an end. Irritation, aggravation, frustration all cease. As I grow older and Death’s Door looms ever larger the prospect of what lies beyond grows all the sweeter. This journey through life has not been a pleasant one and infinite darkness and eternal silence is better by far than living in this vile and despicable city. I shall sorrow no more for the discovery that the nation I once loved so dearly – enough to lay down my life for – never really existed.

Like you, As a human I abhore physical pain in general and the pain of dying so richly anticipated I fear all the more. But I pray day by day and yearn more and more for the death I was so early promised.

Yes, I have found my happiness, and it is there, just the other side of Death’s Door.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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