I Am Not Like Other Men

Betwixt my mother and my father there was no domestic violence. My mother was not a rebel and my father was the unchallenged head of our household (as recognized in the Population Schedule of the Census). My father’s word was law. His was the final authority. My father shouldered the burden of supporting his wife and children as best he could under the most trying of circumstances (The Great Depression). I was made aware that this was both a moral and legal obligation; part of what makes a man a man is to provide, not only for himself, but also for his wife and his children.

As a man I identify with the role of a man and I shoulder the resposibilities of a man but this decadent feminist society would have me decapitated, nay, castrated – bearing all the burden of responsibility without the power to fulfill it. My father’s word was law. His was the final authority. As a man, why would I surrender such power and control over my own life without a fight?

A woman should be an asset to a man; not a liability. And if you think having a working wife is an asset, you are truly deluded. Economics just doesn’t work that way.

I Am King of My Castle

would you have me abdicate and give up my crown?

I Am Captain of My Ship

would you have me resign my commission? Abandon ship?

I Am Master of All I Survey

would you have me surrender my property and have me a slave?

I am aware of the ignorance of children – it is a perpetual Fact of Life.
I am aware of the Sin of Adam – men who concede all the powers of reason to women.
I am aware of the perpetual unhappiness and hypergamous indifference of women.
I am aware of the psychology of brainwashing.
I am aware of the calculated influence of the mass media.
I am aware of the venial weakness of invertebrate hubbies.
I am aware of the Feminist Cult.
I am aware of the collapse of interpersonal communication.
I am aware of the destruction of all culture – communication generation to generation.
I am aware of the breakdown of the time-honored institution of marriage.

Am I nothing more than a whipped cur, or a slave trained to obey my media master?

His Masters Voice, Francis Barraud, 1895, Nipper

These are modern times with a plethora of communications technologies, but no one is willing to acknowledge that they grew up in the incessant glow of the television screen.

No one will admit they’ve spent more time, hour for hour, with the media then they ever did with their own mothers and fathers. We are all the media’s children; and the media is now the voice of our master.

I am not like other men – Big Brother Television is not my master’s recorded voice; nor will I ever knuckle under to a mad zombie woman who thinks she ought to be my boss. I have my limitations and I would rather die of hypothermia in the street than share a roof with a media-pimped brainwashed Feminist. I will never surrender my divine identity. I will never surrender the crown of my manhood.

I am not like other men – I refuse to wear a cunt for a crown.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 70
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