The Garbage Woman

It just strikes me as taunting when the Garbage Woman gives me a seemingly pleasant wave in the morning. I’m not sure she’s exactly what Gloria Steinem had in mind. Of course the Garbage Men never got and never will get the respect they deserve, not even in their own homes, despite the fact that their thankless toiling does more for the health and general wellbeing of the populace than doctors ever could.

Supposedly hired under the mandate of Affimative Action, the Garbage Woman seems quite pleased with herself, perhaps even proud to have taken a traditionally desperate male job. And like most of us, she has her hopes, dreams and aspirations, Law School perhaps; even a judgeship one day – so she can hand down a Death Sentence to whoever it was stole her penis as a child.

I was born here; grew up here, educated here and sent off to war from here. Coming home, and after 2000 applications I still couldn’t find a breadwinner job; not even as a lowly Garbage Man.

Have you ever questioned your own sanity? I have, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m NOT the one who’s crazy.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 70
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