A Civilian KP

Never once did I make Supernumerary at Guard Mount and only rarely was I assigned to the much preferred Bunker #2. Bunkers #1 and #2 straddled the Main Gate at Tây Ninh West Base Camp. Bunker #1 was the province of the MP’s but Bunkers #2, #3, the dreaded #3-Alpha, and Bunker #4 were the responsibility of our company, the 187th AHC.

For those who don’t know: A Supernumerary is the shiniest tin soldier in the Guard Mount inspection held prior to the changing of the guard. While still on call, the Supernumerary gets exempted and dismissed from standing guard, at least for that turn.

Also for those who don’t know: KP stands for ‘Kitchen Police’.

Meanwhile, back at Bunker #2:

She was one of the many local Vietnamese women who held day jobs as secretaries and hooch maids, but mostly civilian KP’s. As she passed slowly through the Security Checkpoint beside the Main Gate late one evening the men, the honchos, perimeter guards and MP’s, all turned at once and took notice of her. Among all those other women passing out the gate she was outstanding. She was fantastic; she was really exceptional looking; she was just plain incredible; I mean she really stood out; we all agreed she looked unbelievable – if not to say impossible; she was just way too much. A civilian KP, she was trying to smuggle a couple of oranges she filched from the Mess Hall.

True stories are the best kinds of stories.

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