A Single Snap of The Trap

Here’s something you don’t see every day:

While this might not qualify for the Guinness Book of World Records it obviously doesn’t happen very often. Two mice killed by a single snap of a trap. I took this picture more than a dozen years ago. The adolescent was clearly killed by the trap but it would have taken a necropsy to explain the adults’ demise. It could have been some kind of internal physical trauma inflicted as it was thrown clear of “the accident”. It could have been a heart attack from the sudden excitement. It could have been the blood-draining shock. It would be speculation on my part to say that it was the parent out teaching foraging skills to its too-eager offspring and, witnessing the sudden fatal blunder, died of sheer parental grief. Feel free to make up your own story.

I don’t bait my traps because I have an understanding of mouse behavior. Over the years I must have killed at least 50 mice at this one location alone. I also have an even older trap in the garage that I’m sure accounted for a hundred kills.

About The Twentieth Man

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