NCOIC – TPP3A – A Vignette of Army Life, Việt Nam

They already had it in for me. The Company got a heads-up the IG was coming. Beforehand, and in anticipation thereof, our platoon sergeant, Sgt. Proctor, assigned me the task of auditing all six of our Rat Pack gunship platoon’s Cobra aircraft Log Books; over which I spent some considerable time correcting the many errors. Afterward I was informed they were found to be gig-free.

It was understood and anticipated that the IG would have an “open door” hour, aka a “bitch session”; when even the lowest-ranking enlisted men could air their grievances.

On the morning of the inspection, just prior to the IG’s arrival, I was collected and marched off to TPP3A – there to “stand guard”; and, if approached by the IG, instructed to offer a salute and introduce myself as

“Specialist 4th Class Reske, NCOIC of Trash Pick-up Point 3 Alpha, Reporting.”

Trash Pick-up Point 3 Alpha was located on the outer edge of the company area behind the EM Club. Of course no one from the IG ever stopped by. I was not relieved of my guard post until they were gone.

True Stories are The Best Kinds of Stories

Acronym Explanations:
NCO = Non-Commissioned Officer
IC = In Charge
TPP = Trash Pick-up Point
3A = 3 Alpha
EM = Enlisted Men
IG = Inspector General + Staff
gig = A demerit given in the military.


See also:
Gig line, definition:
A gig line is a term used to refer to the alignment between a seam on a shirt, a belt buckle and the seam of zippered pants. It is typically a military term used to refer to the alignment of a uniform.

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