Saving Lives – one nitwit at a time

It’s Halloween, October 31st, 2019. An early snow, a wet, heavy snow, is falling. It’s 33⁰. The leaves are still clinging to many of the trees making it hazardous for broken branches cutting down already snow heavy electrical utility lines.

I’m reminded of a Summer storm of many years past. One hot, humid afternoon we were subjected to heavy rains and slashing, near tornadic, winds. (A siren had sounded) A large old tree exactly one block from my porch was twisted then splintered, and finally fell. A great limb of it crashed through the roof of a nearby garage; slicing through and destroying the roof and damaging the two cars inside. On the way down it also pulled down what we called some “high tension wires.”

The rain soon let up, but the rainwater was still running full in the central gutter of the alley. One of the power lines lay crosswise in the water; arcing and sparking with a loud zapping buzz, and emitting an eerie and threatening electric blue light.

I went inside and called 911 to report it. I went back outside and stood on the porch.

As the storm appeared to be over, people began to emerge from their homes. The rain and wind had done little to releave the heat and mugginess of the day. Two grown women and several children walked down the alley barefoot and splashing in the water toward the downed wire; attracted as if mesmerized, by the zapping sound and electric blue lightshow; oblivious to the danger.

At the top of my lungs and in my most masculine and authoritarian voice; I yelled at them to get the hell away from there. I rarely raise my voice to such an extreme. They actually listened and backed away.

A Police squad car arrived shortly thereafter, blocking off the far end of the alley.

As I’ve pointed out elsewhere, the wrong kind of freedom is deadly to children and ignorance surely kills adults.

I’ve saved a few nitwits in my life; not sure it’s a good idea.

Those who oppose Public Education (and there are many) are murderers.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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