Religion & Politics:

(And a Problem with Facebook)

By answering the fill-in-the-blank Religion & Politics personal profile queries on the Facebook website with “The Kingdom of  Heaven” I was automatically linked to a church group by that name; a group I had no  knowledge of or affiliation with. I meant the REAL Kingdom of Heaven. I understand  the term is commonplace and is probably used by many church groups. But I was not referring to a particular social group, sect, civil entity, or brick & mortar building.

I was therefore compelled to leave those Facebook profile entries blank.

FYI: Christ is The Lord – this covers both Religion AND Politics.

In trying to clarify all this I went over the character limit in the Facebook Publisher (status update) dialog box. It is limited to 420 characters.

This is what I wanted to say:

Facebook has turned my profile information into links to pages, groups, persons and other entities that I have absolutely no knowledge of or affiliation with and would not associate with as a matter of personal choice.

In my profile they asked my political views and I answered “The Kingdom of Heaven” because I don’t believe in democracy. Democracy is an insane asylum run by the inmates. As a student of history, I declare that NO form of external government has ever worked and surely never will. Historically, monarchs have ruled most of the time but these monarchs were all deeply flawed and corruptible men. While monarchy (Dictatorship) is the most efficient form of government, hereditary monarchy is doomed to failure. Hence, the everlasting Kingdom of Heaven. A dead king is better than a live one.

They then asked my religious views. Again I responded: The Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is an internalized form of government. It is mankind’s only hope to govern the otherwise ungovernable. Only a perfect king can govern a perfect kingdom. I neither believe in nor follow anyone but Christ. Not the Pope, not the President, not some televangelist or storefront church or any other Jim Jones type cult of personality religion hustler.

I am not a Communist. I am not a Socialist. (Capitalism is not a form of government.) I am not a Fascist. I believe in the Absolute Monarchy of Christ.

Political Views:   The Kingdom of Heaven
Religious Views: The Kingdom of Heaven

To avoid any confusion or guilt by association, I removed my entries from my Facebook profile and broke the links to them.

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