The Last Laugh: My Trump Card

“He who laughs last, laughs best.”

God has the final say in all things.
There is an old expression: “The Good Lord willin’ ‘n’ the river don’t rise….”

Since 1995 I’ve had in my possession a certain item of information, knowledge, if you will, that should rock the entire world.

It probably won’t, however, because the whole of Humanity consists of a bunch of lard heads and, in all probability, they won’t even blink at the news.

It is, however, my personal trump card; the card that beats anything you may have in your hand.

In reality, it is far too sad to laugh at.

I am seeking a venue to publish this information as broadly as possible.

If I find no better place for it, I shall publish it right here.

If I am still alive, and if God permits, that is.

October 26 2012 is the tentative date for playing my trump card and having a last laugh on the world.

Below you will find a link to my countdown clock:

The Last Laugh Trump Card

If I am remembered for anything at all: Remember me as a seeker of truth.

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