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On Building Heaven on Earth

Busy! Busy! Busy! We are all so very busy building our own personal Heaven on Earth. But soon the hand of the Almighty reaches down from the clouds, pinches you by the scruff of the neck and lifts you away, … Continue reading

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The Mad Bomber

Daily I find myself in two constant states; simultaneously one of both composition and decomposition. Getting old, my body is quite naturally in a state of slow decomposition while my mind on the other hand is forever aswirl in a … Continue reading

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What is romance? I approach the concept as a subset or genre of books. Being a bit of a febrile non-fiction bibliophile I saw romance novels as a supreme waste of time. Such things as science fiction or fantasy rarely … Continue reading

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My Saving Grace

My saving grace is the understanding that some people are luckier than others. When it comes to the Lottery I couldn’t win an argument. This morning for example, there were three different butterflies visiting the dandelions in the back yard. … Continue reading

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The Poison Pill Part II

Again, from The Land of Unintended Consequences: The racist Poison Pill was added to the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 in hopes of killing it. The Bill passed anyway and the poison subsequently tapped into the then dormant radical fringe … Continue reading

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Who are The Aggressors?

  Who are the aggressors? Historically, we are. On a personal, psychological level we all, male and female, have an ego; and by its very nature the ego is aggressive. But as a matter of U.S. military history the aggressors … Continue reading

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Dancing with the Dead

Life can be measured in many ways – chronological time is but one. Using the biblical allotment of three score and ten as a benchmark and allowing eight hours of sleep to prevent going completely mad; we measure out our … Continue reading

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