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Lest anyone accuse me of not having a sense of humor . . . .

A Joke Grenade (Unfit for Publication)

A Joke Grenade is a type of joke wherein, after it is casually tossed out, it takes a few seconds before the audience discovers the humor of it and totally ‘gets it’. This is more of a Joke Bomb – … Continue reading

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Just My Two Cents

So there I was, second in line at the supermarket checkout. The cashier was about to make change for the guy ahead of me, but rather than having the girl break a dollar bill, the guy says: “I’ve got two … Continue reading

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The Flasher

So, there I was, standing on my front porch; minding my own business; when a car pulled up and stopped on the entrance apron to the alley. At the time, I was wearing a nice Green Bay Packers hoodie I’d … Continue reading

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The Cleanest Ears

“You have the cleanest ears I’ve ever seen.” That’s what she told me; that’s what she said. She, of course, was a young she-male VA doctor. Her comment struck me as a bit odd. Upon further rumination however, it seems … Continue reading

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le garçon de pisse

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Slack-Jawed Gawkers

Slack-Jawed Gawkers, are not now, nor have they ever been, placed on the Endangered Species list.

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It HAD to be a Friday

It was a week ago last Friday (It HAD to be a Friday); when, for no apparent reason, I decided to voluntarily do the dishes. I plugged the sink and added detergent and suddenly realized there was no hot water. … Continue reading

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