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The Promised Land

“Now a promise made is a debt unpaid, . . . . “ — ROBERT W. SERVICE A Promise Made is a Debt Unpaid; and that you’ve known since childhood. The Promise of Abram/Abraham: Genesis 17 430 years in bondage. … Continue reading

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The Most Potent Psychotropic Drug

Know Thyself This admonition, from the time this maxim was first coined in ancient Greece until this very day, has yet to be accomplished and fully realized. Man (mankind) still does not know who and what we are. To that … Continue reading

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The Demigods and the Tenth Commandment

In preface, I humbly acknowledge my own limitations in that I can only read, write, and think in the English language. Despite this, I have argued elsewhere that the bible is a poorly written and poorly organized book. And that … Continue reading

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While serving in Vietnam I purchased an AKAI X-1800SD Multi-Purpose Tape Recorder (reel-to-reel) to record some Living Letters to mail home. In return, my brother sent me recordings (taken directly off the radio) of some popular music of the day … Continue reading

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I cared; I truly did. When Feminism reared it’s ugly head I CARED. I had an honorable mother; I had honorable aunts; I had sisters and cousins and nieces. I had friends who had sisters and classmates as well. All … Continue reading

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The Mix Tape

Throughout history mankind has repeated the same silly drama over and over again. History does not repeat itself, unless it’s republished; but passion and ignorance plays itself out again and again, generation after generation. It is a failure of culture. … Continue reading

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A Joke Grenade (Unfit for Publication)

A Joke Grenade is a type of joke wherein, after it is casually tossed out, it takes a few seconds before the audience discovers the humor of it and totally ‘gets it’. This is more of a Joke Bomb – … Continue reading

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le garçon de pisse

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Short-Term Memory Loss

The old man shuffled slowly into the room. He looked around, puzzled, and queried to no one in particular: “Why am I here?” “To make a better world.” I responded.

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