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Just My Two Cents

So there I was, second in line at the supermarket checkout. The cashier was about to make change for the guy ahead of me, but rather than having the girl break a dollar bill, the guy says: “I’ve got two … Continue reading

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The Flasher

So, there I was, standing on my front porch; minding my own business; when a car pulled up and stopped on the entrance apron to the alley. At the time, I was wearing a nice Green Bay Packers hoodie I’d … Continue reading

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Slack-Jawed Gawkers

Slack-Jawed Gawkers, are not now, nor have they ever been, placed on the Endangered Species list.

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Beyond Ignorance

If I did not have a sense of humor I would go stark raving mad. I glanced at the morning paper and read: “Baldwin seeks probe” and thought: ” ‘bout time“. On second thought: “Maybe her batteries died.” Reading further, … Continue reading

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Occlupanid Behavior

While a great deal of painstaking research has gone into the general taxonomic classification of occulpanids, next to nothing has been discovered as to their behavior, environmental niche, internal anatomical structure and function, and even their biological life cycle. Any … Continue reading

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The Boys Next Door

When my son was growing up he had a couple of neighbor kids he used to play with. They were brothers with not much more then a year between them in age. Boys generally are rather rambunctious to begin with … Continue reading

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The Cat Litter Crisis

I’m an honest man; I merely report what I see. While going to the drugstore for my brother a scruffy, bearded panhandler asked me for help. It seems he was out of cat litter and his poor cat was down … Continue reading

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