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[Mostly] True Stories about me.


I cared; I truly did. When Feminism reared it’s ugly head I CARED. I had an honorable mother; I had honorable aunts; I had sisters and cousins and nieces. I had friends who had sisters and classmates as well. All … Continue reading

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A Second Opinion

While awaiting Evaluation for PTSD I was, for a long time, ensconced on a mixed ward at the local VA hospital. The other patients had a wide variety of ailments. Smoking was still allowed in the Patient’s lounge. We spent … Continue reading

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Just Because You Can Do A Thing Doesn’t Mean You Should

Perhaps it’s just me and my near-death experience in war; knowing full well and carnally the fatal outcome of this life; but I see this mighty medical struggle for survival as absurd. Spare me the magic beans and tonic patent … Continue reading

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I said something very ADULT this morning. Brother: “You want to change that thing (callus remover patch) on [the bottom of] my foot?” Me: “I’d be happy to, you know that.” Adultery – they could have explained it a lot … Continue reading

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How Much Ink in a Ballpoint Pen?

How many miles of ink are in a Ballpoint Pen? Upon separation from the U.S. Army in November of 1971 I would estimate that I filled out about 2000 Job Applications to no avail under the onus of Affirmative Action. … Continue reading

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April 15, 1970

I feel pressed to write something today, April 15, 2020. It was 50 years ago to this very day that I left Việt Nam on my own personal Freedom Bird. It was personal because one of the oft pointed out … Continue reading

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I Hate Your Blue Eyes

The whole damned country was in an uproar with civil unrest by 1970; what with assassinations, race riots and anti-war/anti-draft protests; not to mention the Women’s Libbers on the move. The Army at Ft. Riley was in a general state … Continue reading

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A Joke Grenade (Unfit for Publication)

A Joke Grenade is a type of joke wherein, after it is casually tossed out, it takes a few seconds before the audience discovers the humor of it and totally ‘gets it’. This is more of a Joke Bomb – … Continue reading

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The Flasher

So, there I was, standing on my front porch; minding my own business; when a car pulled up and stopped on the entrance apron to the alley. At the time, I was wearing a nice Green Bay Packers hoodie I’d … Continue reading

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The Cleanest Ears

“You have the cleanest ears I’ve ever seen.” That’s what she told me; that’s what she said. She, of course, was a young she-male VA doctor. Her comment struck me as a bit odd. Upon further rumination however, it seems … Continue reading

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