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Tree-of-Heaven (Ailanthus altissima)

I can only hope y’all aren’t too superstitious about it but I confess I just cut down the Tree-of-Heaven (Ailanthus altissima). Originally imported as a decorative shade tree it is now a highly invasive weed. One started growing in our … Continue reading

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Jubilee – and the end of Our Civilization

My understanding of jubilee comes from the reading of the bible. Admittedly, the language of the bible in translation is often a muddy affair. It is, at best, poorly written, roughly translated, biased in interpretation and, all too often, entirely … Continue reading

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Dark Christmas

  Photographed at Tay Ninh Base Camp, on the Cambodian border, 1969 “God bless us, everyone”.

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Nine Years a Housewife

Today is my 68th birthday. Looking back on the totality of my life I find it altogether inexplicable and absurd. I should have died several times but I didn’t. From a fever at six months; near-drownings; a burning airplane and … Continue reading

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Go Stick A Pencil In Your Ear

When I was eighteen I knew nothing of this; I thought it was a man’s manly duty to serve his country. (Boy! Was I ever wrong!) Stick a pencil in your ear and rupture your eardrum. A small price to … Continue reading

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On Building Heaven on Earth

Busy! Busy! Busy! We are all so very busy building our own personal Heaven on Earth. But soon the hand of the Almighty reaches down from the clouds, pinches you by the scruff of the neck and lifts you away, … Continue reading

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What is romance? I approach the concept as a subset or genre of books. Being a bit of a febrile non-fiction bibliophile I saw romance novels as a supreme waste of time. Such things as science fiction or fantasy rarely … Continue reading

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