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I Love Women

I love women. I really do. I care about women. There have been many women in my life: My mother; my sisters; my aunts; sisters-in-law; cousins not to mention the wives of friends, co-workers, the girls I’ve dated and the … Continue reading

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It Was The Skunk’s Fault

Maybe it was my fault. Maybe it was José’s fault. Maybe it was the skunk’s fault. At any rate; we had an overnight guest in our garage last night. He (large shoe prints) apparently slept on the garage floor next … Continue reading

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I Am Not Like Other Men

Betwixt my mother and my father there was no domestic violence. My mother was not a rebel and my father was the unchallenged head of our household (as recognized in the Population Schedule of the Census). My father’s word was … Continue reading

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Some’s Cleverer Than Others

The hackers are at it again! With a little time and effort you can become a hacker too. You can hack your own telephone’s Caller ID and with a bit more research you can even hack others’ as well. This … Continue reading

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If America Were A Woman

In the futile attempt to find the true origin and original lyrics to The Hearse Song for use in preface to an essay on funerals I stumbled upon a dark poem of both gothic horror and romance. The central theme … Continue reading

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Who are The Aggressors?

  Who are the aggressors? Historically, we are. On a personal, psychological level we all, male and female, have an ego; and by its very nature the ego is aggressive. But as a matter of U.S. military history the aggressors … Continue reading

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state-of-the-art Slavery

Slavery has not gone away. Much depends on how you interpret “involuntary servitude”. Amendment XIII Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, … Continue reading

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