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Old Uncle Joe

I’m 68 years old; grown long in the tooth. That’s just an expression; your teeth don’t actually grow longer as you age, but your gums do recede, making your teeth only appear to be longer; hence the expression. I still … Continue reading

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Life in The Fast Lane

The Griddler’s Café pipes in music from a local radio station. An old standard from the 1970’s: “Life in The Fast Lane” by the Eagles was playing. As I sat sipping coffee a very skinny old woman scooched slowly by … Continue reading

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A Fetus does not have a Soul

Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep If I should die before I wake I pray the Lord my soul to take Amen A fetus does not have a soul. “soul” is … Continue reading

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Tough Bananas

I generally treat March 1st as the official bananniversary of my hanging those too-green-for-words bananas out on our garage, but truth be told is was actually some time in late February, so March 1st is just an approximation. I’m not … Continue reading

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Just for a change of pace we’ve decided to go rustic around here. Rustic – you know, peeling paint, broken fences, cracks in the sidewalk, racking garage, sagging house, weeds taking over the yard; rustic.   Yeah, rustic – that’s … Continue reading

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Once you come in here you can never leave

We went to visit my aunt for her 87th birthday. She broke her hip a while ago and moved into an Assisted Living Center on the south side. The place is a huge, multi-winged single-story labyrinth of a place. It’s … Continue reading

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