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Just Because You Can Do A Thing Doesn’t Mean You Should

Perhaps it’s just me and my near-death experience in war; knowing full well and carnally the fatal outcome of this life; but I see this mighty medical struggle for survival as absurd. Spare me the magic beans and tonic patent … Continue reading

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I said something very ADULT this morning. Brother: “You want to change that thing (callus remover patch) on [the bottom of] my foot?” Me: “I’d be happy to, you know that.” Adultery – they could have explained it a lot … Continue reading

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How Much Ink in a Ballpoint Pen?

How many miles of ink are in a Ballpoint Pen? Upon separation from the U.S. Army in November of 1971 I would estimate that I filled out about 2000 Job Applications to no avail under the onus of Affirmative Action. … Continue reading

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The Flasher

So, there I was, standing on my front porch; minding my own business; when a car pulled up and stopped on the entrance apron to the alley. At the time, I was wearing a nice Green Bay Packers hoodie I’d … Continue reading

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Saving Lives – one nitwit at a time

It’s Halloween, October 31st, 2019. An early snow, a wet, heavy snow, is falling. It’s 33⁰. The leaves are still clinging to many of the trees making it hazardous for broken branches cutting down already snow heavy electrical utility lines. … Continue reading

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Jubilee – and the end of Our Civilization

My understanding of jubilee comes from the reading of the bible. Admittedly, the language of the bible in translation is often a muddy affair. It is, at best, poorly written, roughly translated, biased in interpretation and, all too often, entirely … Continue reading

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Technology is morally neutral. The ability to print a great number of tabloid size or larger newspapers with full color photographs and graphic illustrations is an evolved form of the print technology that underlies some forms of mass communication. But … Continue reading

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